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By 27 junio, 2016 Sin Comentarios SIGN THIS URGENT ACTION ONLINE
To the international community                                            
To the government of Nicaragua
To the governments of Argentina, Costa Rica, Spain, and Mexico

 On June 25, 2016, six members of the Mesoamerican Caravan were arbitrarily harassed and detained by the National Police of Nicaragua, while they were in the municipality of Nueva Guinea giving a workshop on firewood-saving stoves to residents of the Fonseca neighborhood.

The detained include: Ana Laura Rodríguez, 27 years old, from Argentina; 

Byron Francisco Reyes Ortiz (31) of Costa Rica; Daniel Espinosa Jiménez 
(25) of dual Mexican and Spanish citizenship; and Emmanuel de la Luz 
Ruiz, Eugenio Pacelli Chávez Macedo, and Salvador Tenorio Pérez, 25 
years old and of Mexican nationality.

On June 26 and 27, allies reported to the offices of the National Police 
in Managua, Nicaragua, accompanied by lawyers claiming the right to 
defense. However, authorities refused to reveal the whereabouts and 
conditions of the detained members of the caravan, even after 48 hours 
of detention. Their only response was to fill the offices with more 
The detention occurred at 3:00 p.m., after a minor accident involving 
workshop participant Alexander Marenco. At around 11:00 a.m. Marenco was 
cleaning a metal barrel for use in the construction of a stove, when 
gasoline residue in the container resulted in a small flare-up. Marenco 
reports being in good condition and he has reiterated to news outlets 
and in statements on social media that the incident was minor and caused 
by his own actions.
However, during the course of the day the National Police of Nicaragua 
arrived in Fonseca and detained the members of the caravan. We are very 
concerned by the hasty declarations made by President Daniel Ortega and 
published in the Official Press of Honduras (13/2016) seeking to link 
the young environmentalists and the peasant movement with the supposed 
“manipulation of explosive substances and the exposure of persons to 
danger” — a patently false claim.
We hold the Government of Nicaragua responsible for the well-being of 
the members of the Caravan, who still have not received any formal 
charges and have been moved to detention facilities in the capital city 
of Managua, according to police. At around 3:00 a.m. on June 26, police 
took possession of the bus and other equipment belonging to the 
Mesoamerican Caravan, which is a collaborative effort on the part of 
international collectives. The project started in Mexico in May of 2015 
and has visited communities in Central America, promoting 
community-based activism through exchanges on alternative technologies 
that seek to protect the environment.
We demand:

  • The immediate release of all of the detained activists
  • The immediate return of their possessions, including their vehicle and 
  • The realization of an investigation into the incident, so as bring to 
     light that the caravan members were not involved in any illegal 
  • An end to the intimidation and criminalization of social movements

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