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URGENT ACTION: Indigenous Community Harassed for Activism

By 15 diciembre, 2014 Sin Comentarios

amenaza appjIndigenous leaders and other members of their community have been intimidated and harassed in reprisal for opposing the construction of a new wind farm in the Tehuantepec Isthmus in southern Mexico. There is fear they will face further threats.

Members of the Popular Assembly for the Community of Juchiteco (Asamblea Popular del Pueblo Juchiteco, APPJ), an organization of Indigenous peoples in Juchitán, Oaxaca State, reported threatening incidents which appear to have been carried out in reprisal for their opposition to the construction of a new wind farm in their community. On 5 December, María del Carmen Ruíz Martínez, an APPJ member, received a threatening phone call from an unidentified woman warning her and her colleagues not to attend consultation meetings about the proposed construction of the wind farm. On 4 December, María Isabel Jiménez Salinas, another member of the APPJ, reported having been followed by a motorcycle while she was accompanying home Mariano Gómez López, a member, spokesperson and legal representative of APPJ.