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Threats received by No to Mining Front opposed to Canadian mine in Oaxaca, Mexico

On October 11, the No to Mining Front issued this statement saying that they had received threats during a mobilization demanding the cancellation of the Vancouver-based Fortuna Silver Mines/ Cuzcatlán San José mining project.

The mobilization involved setting up blockades on Federal Highway 175 in the vicinity of Magdalena Ocotlán and Monte del Toro.

Educa Oaxaca reports:

At 11 a.m., the municipal and agrarian authorities members of the Front reported receiving threats during the mobilization of people who said they “would bring weapons to get those out of the mobilization.” The authorities of the Front have also received messages saying that: “we already know who they are, that we have them located.”

The No to Mining Front says: “We hold the mining company Cuzcatlán-FSM responsible for any aggression towards the authorities or citizens of the Central Valley.”

The Front also says that Cuzcatlán-FSM has violated Indigenous rights.

The Proceso article about this also highlights: “The Front flatly rejected the ‘Canada-Oaxaca Indigenous Encounters 2021’ promoted by Governor Alejandro Murat and the Ambassador of Canada, Graeme C. Clark.”

Last week, Educa Oaxaca reported that Cuzcatlán-FSM had applied for a third time for a permit for its San José mine and that it seeks authorization to continue to exploit silver and gold there until 2031.

On March 11, Peace Brigades International and Amnesty International co-hosted this webinar that featured Neftali Reyes of Educa Oaxaca and representatives from Magdalena Ocotlán discussing the impacts of this mine.

This Educa Oaxaca report on the webinar highlights: “The representatives of the community located just a few meters from the San José mining project, owned by the FSM company, reiterated that ‘the mining company is affecting us a lot’ with water pollution, mine waste, constant noise and the shortage of water.”

PBI-Mexico began accompanying Educa Oaxaca in May 2013

Source: Threats received by No to Mining Front opposed to Canadian mine in Oaxaca, Mexico