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Short Film: The Mother of our Waters

By 28 julio, 2014 Sin Comentarios

Fidela capturaOn June 5th, in the village of Paso de la Reina, municipality of Santiago Jamiltepec, a mass against the Federal Electricity Commission’s (CFE) construction of a hydroelectric dam in the riverbed of the Rio Verde (Green River) was celebrated. 33 communities in the region participated at the event while the Bishop of the diocese of Puerto Escondido, made a clear statement against the construction of the dam. This short film highlights the spiritual importance implied in the defense of the river for many villages in the region. Through various testimonies the video reconstructs the struggle of the inhabitants of Paso de la Reina, who have upheld a blockade at the entrance of their village. Since 1961, the CFE has carried out feasibility studies in the river without consulting the communities that would be affected by the dam, and have given false information to the public regarding the effects of the megaproject. Paso de la Reina forms part of the Council of Peoples United for the Defense of the Rio Verde (COPUDEVER) and since 2006, the Council has organized the resistance against neoliberal impositions and megaprojects  on the river. The Mother of our Waters, (7 mins) is a co-production by EDUCA and COPUDEVER. Click HERE to see the video

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