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PRI Mayor in Oaxaca Gives Orders to Fire at Citizens

By 10 noviembre, 2014 Sin Comentarios

ocotlanAnother act of state aggression occurs amidst Mexico’s escalating social and political climate; the General State Prosecutor of Oaxaca reported that on Thursday, 20 State Investigations Agency officers consulted the San Baltazar Chichicapam municipal authorities, “after reports of unrest where there was an exchange of fire and injuries occurred.”  Even though the state prosecutor did not elaborate on exactly how many were injured, media outlets reported at least 17 were injured, including children.

Residents of the Oaxacan town were injured when Mayor Carlos Vásquez Rebollar ordered three of his cousins to open fire. Armed with shotguns, aggressors climbed his residence to the roof, where they initiated fire. At least 17 citizens were caught in the crossfire while cleaning the streets near the mayor’s residence. The mayor has already been able to flee the town.

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