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Oaxaca’s Feminist Rapper: Mare Advertencia Lirika

By 22 enero, 2015 Sin Comentarios

10933835 802298886492470 8100645391505859963 nMare Advertencia Lirika is a Zapotec Hip Hop artist from Oaxaca, Mexico whose music speaks out for the rights of indigenous women. Now 27, Lírikan began rapping at age 16, using her lyrics to challenge sexism in her own community and call out the Mexican state for its abysmal treatment of indigenous communities. 

In this Animal Politico interview, the self-identified feminist shares that “Rap helped to empower me as a woman. It gave me a tool, helped me to change, to find myself, find my identity, and to rebuild myself.” Lirika incorporates various musical styles — funk, reggae, rap, huapango — to create her sound, and her lyrics cover topics ranging from standards of beauty within the media, to the forced disappearances of women in Mexico  to reproductive justice and bodily autonomy.

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