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Mexico Energy Reform Will Allow Foreign Mining Companies to Continue Devastating the Land

By 25 julio, 2014 Sin Comentarios

mining.07.24.14The energy reforms recently promoted by Enrique Peña Nieto’s government open the door for the continued devastation of the national territory by transnational companies through mining techniques that ruin communities’ water, soil and other natural resources, indicated several civic organizations. During a public rally held Tuesday at Mexico City’s Angel of Independence traffic circle, on the occasion of the World Day Against Toxic Mega-Mining, the groups warned that even before the mentioned reforms, the Mining Law already allows these kind of abuses due to its relatively lax articles, which benefit such companies by declaring their activities as “preferential” over any others.

Francisco Cravioto, from the Fundar Center for Research and Analysis, emphasized that, according to official data from 2012, there are already mining concessions for 16 percent of the national territory, regardless of whether these are dangerous areas, protected areas or areas in which there already exist productive cattle raising, agricultural or industrial projects.