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Life and Death, Hope and Fear: a visit to Iguala

By 6 noviembre, 2014 Sin Comentarios
141015112950 iguala students 624x351 reutersIt was here in Iguala, a city whose name means “place of the serene nights,” where local police killed six people and disappeared 43 studentson the night of Sept 26th. This latest episode in Mexico – unlike many other bloody events since massive US – supported militarization began here in 2007 – has made national and international headlines, and sparked tens of thousands of Mexicans to take to the streets in protest. The outrage is palpable. As Edgar, a man I spoke with here in Iguala, put it, “We never thought they’d go this far. They really gave it to us this time…People are fed up.” For the last six weeks, despite the government’s promise to do all it can to find the students and its unprecedented deployment of federal police and army on the search, they have yet to be found.