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Not Gold, Nor Silver…Mining is a Killer: Campaign Against Mining in Defense of Territory

By 11 junio, 2018 Sin Comentarios

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In the central valleys of Oaxaca, there exists a silver and gold mining project named San José. Since 2008, this project has produced a permanent emergency situation in the municipality of San José del Progreso. That year, the mining company Fortuna Silver Mines corrupted the municipal and agrarian authorities in order to install their mining project.

In spite of the aggressions, assassinations, contamination and violence produced in this municipality, the mining company has obtained profits of 2,124,252,000 pesos and only paid taxes for 4,252,000 pesos, meaning 2.001 percent of their profits.

On the other hand, the Secretary of Economy has authorized the same company 80,000 hectares of territory of the central valleys, affecting nearly 80% of the territory of that region. At the state level, practically all of the regions have mining concessions.

Within this context, the Colectivo Oaxaqueño en Defensa de los Territorios (Oaxacan Collective in Defense of Territories), together with the municipal and agrarian authorities of Ocotlán, Ejutla and Tlacolula, have decided to promote the campaign “Ni oro, Ni Plata, La Minería Mata” (Not Gold, Nor Silver, Mining is a Killer). The objective of the campaign is to raise consciousness around the main impacts of mining in the State of Oaxaca.


We have thus decided to generate a series of written materials, audio and video regarding the impacts of mining. For three months we will be sharing this information.

How can you participate in the campaign?

There exist different ways in which to participate:

– Sharing the audio, video and written material in your social networks
– You can share the audios with the community radios in which you have contact
– Sharing this information in your assemblies and promoting the defense of territory
– We have also agreed to put up murals and paintings on walls, rocks, etc., at the entrance of the community

For more information, you can write to the following email:

Here we say Yes to Life, No to Mining
Ni Oro, Ni Plata, la Minería Mata (Not Gold, Nor Silver, Mining is a Killer)
Colectivo Oaxaqueño en Defensa de los Territorios

Watch the video: Do you know what are the impact of mining activity on water?